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Serving our Troops

Your Skins Defense - Our Top Priority


What is the most important asset on the battlefield?

The individual Operator, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coastguardsman!

No matter what weapon system you have at your disposal, from a Carrier Battle Group or F-35 Fighter to the Abrams Main Battle Tank or the M4 Carbine they all have one thing in common: They need a human being to operate and maintain it.

With that in mind we bring you Combat One. The total body safe hygiene system that not only helps the troops stay clean in austere environments it elevates their effectiveness. By keeping the troops clean, protecting their skin, reducing water loss, and helping support the skins natural defensive properties we help keep your troops operating at peak levels.

Combat One is an essential part of any basic issue items.

Backed by proven technology that has been vetted in clinical and field trials, Combat One is the solution that troops want and need to help them stay in the fight.

• Reduces unit down time by helping the troops stay more effective and reduce the need for potable water, thereby reducing costs associated with water distribution.

• The special formulation helps optimize the recovery process for several common issues that effect troops in the field and helps keep their strength at optimum levels.

• It is the most effective hygiene tool at your disposal for maintaining the health and welfare of your troops no matter what conditions they find themselves in.

Current Data and Trials Under Way:

• Combat One will be featured in the 2016 Best Ranger Competition by some of the World’s most elite Operators during grueling conditions.

• Field trials with a United States Military Special Operations Team beginning January 2016.

• Combat One is currently being tested under combat and field situations by the United States Army and has garnered unprecedented reviews by the individual Troops that have tested Combat Ones effectiveness.

• Combat One has received over 97% approval rating by the Troops when asked if they would use Combat One again.



  • Total Body Bathing
  • Wound Care
  • Non-Toxic
  • Total Body Safe




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