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    Survival Kit. For Your Skin and Muscles.

    Introducing the latest in military grade protection against the harshest field conditions.

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    Sometimes The Biggest Enemy Is The One You Cannot See.

    Introducing the latest in military grade protection for your skin and muscles.

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    Gives Skin and Muscles A Fighting Chance.

    Introducing the latest in military grade protection against the harshest field conditions.

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Why Combat One?

Combat One is the military grade, total body hygiene system that helps Warriors stay clean in the harshest environments. Combat One protects the skin and muscles, reduces water loss and helps support the skin’s natural eco-system to keep it operating at its peak physical levels.

The Preferred Hygiene Solution.

Backed by proven medical technology and years of testing in both clinical and field settings, Combat One is a favorite among U.S. Special Operations Forces and professional athletes alike. Whether it’s on the battlefield or on the playing field, Combat One is the preferred hygiene solution both Warriors and athletes need to help them perform at their best in all situations.


If It’s Good Enough For This Guy, It’s Absolutely Good Enough For You.

“Combat One is one of the most versatile and effective products we’ve had access to in years. I found it very beneficial and would highly recommend it!”

Combat One is used and officially endorsed by Command Sergeant Major (R), Joe Gainey. First Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Power Of One.

Combat One is the highly versatile, all-purpose skin cleanser, conditioner and protector specifically formulated for:

  • Broad spectrum hygiene management
  • Reducing / eliminating odor
  • Optimizing natural skin function
  • Optimizing natural muscle function

Optimum Health=Optimum Readiness

Your Skin’s Defense is Our Top Priority

Combat One is one of the most effective hygiene tools at your disposal for maintaining your health and welfare – no matter what conditions you find yourself in. Combat one is committed to our nation’s fighting Warriors as much as they are committed to the people they serve. They know they can depend on our entire line of products and trust us for developing highly-effective, quality skin and muscle maintenance systems. In fact, Combat One has received over 97% approval rating by U.S Military Warriors when asked if they would use Combat One again.

Advantage: Combat One

  • Reduces unit down time by helping Warriors stay healthier through broad spectrum hygiene management resulting in performing more effectively on the battlefield.

  • Combat One’s patented formulation reduces the need for potable water, thereby reducing costs associated with water access and distribution.

  • Combat One is currently being tested under combat and field situations by the U.S. Army and is being used by U.S. Military Special Operations Forces on deployment around the world. It received more than a 97% approval rating by the Warriors when asked if they would use Combat One again.

  • 2016 Best Ranger Competition: Combat One used by competitors throughout the grueling 3-day event.

  • 2016 PJ Rodeo: Combat One used by Para-Rescue jumpers in the 5-day event.