All over the world, there are thousands of soldiers and other active-duty personnel deployed at various types of combat posts, serving a wide variety of roles in every conceivable environment. Some spend only a few days at a given post; others may be there for months. The United States alone has more than 130,000 active-duty personnel serving in over 150 countries all around the globe, while other nations deploy troops in foreign territories every day. These warriors may spend their days working in an office at a larger camp, or spending time at smaller camps where they are frequently required to go “outside the wire.” While the former may have a few more creature comforts than the latter, every deployment brings with it unique challenges, and each has its own routine.

For most soldiers deployed at combat posts, the typical day starts at 0600, regardless of where they’re stationed. Early morning formation is usually at 0630, and is followed by physical and individual training as well as any administrative duties or other responsibilities that fall to a particular soldier. Days can be made up of battle drills, field exercises, planning and debriefing meetings, equipment maintenance, inspections, or advanced training and related coursework. For some active-duty personnel, the day involves construction duties to build fortifications or other projects that may be needed in the camp. Regardless of a particular soldier’s duties, days at a combat post can be 14 to 16 hours long, with little time for R&R.

While the routine may not vary much from one deployment to another, creature comforts often do. Some camps may have laptops, video games, or makeshift basketball courts; others may be necessarily more Spartan. Even at the most well-appointed combat post, however, personal hygiene management can present specific challenges. Anyone who has ever gone camping—or even stayed at a nice hotel—knows that there is a difference between handling personal hygiene in the comfort of your own home and doing it on the road. Maybe a toothbrush or nail clippers got left behind; maybe there’s less shampoo in the bottle than you thought.

At a combat post, these personal hygiene concerns are amplified since so much of a soldier’s personal hygiene solutions—from shaving to brushing teeth to laundry—are performed in makeshift spaces. Active duty personnel may find themselves performing their daily ablutions in the middle of nowhere, with little in the way of creature comforts. Not to mention the fact that, after a hard day of training, drills, and everything else that makes up an average day in the life of a warrior at a combat post, everything from their clothes to their body may be covered in dust, dirt, sweat, and sand.

Hygiene remains of vital importance for those who are stationed at combat posts. Not only does it help to keep each individual in good physical condition—and improve comfort and morale—but it also acts as a defense against infection and disease. Good personal hygiene helps prevent the spread of contagious diseases among troops, and it also helps each individual warrior make the best of his or her position. Life in a combat zone can be stressful, to put it mildly, so in the absence of the kinds of amenities that many of us take for granted, such as running showers or air conditioning, a good personal hygiene solution can provide an enormous boost in morale.

To meet these challenges, a military-grade hygiene solution was required that could provide hygiene management in even the harshest environments. Something that was not only easy to transport and use, but also backed by years of testing both in the lab and in the field, and designed to protect active-duty combat warriors from the specific challenges and dangers that they face every day. Enter Combat One, a total-body hygiene system that cleans and protects the skin while also working to reduce water loss and maintain the skin’s natural eco-system.


“Combat One is one of the most versatile and effective products we’ve had access to in years. I found it very beneficial and would highly recommend it!” – Command Sergeant Major (R), Joe Gainey

Whether you are an active-duty warrior stationed at a combat post or simply someone who wants to stay clean and well-groomed on the go, you need a versatile, reliable hygiene solution that’s designed to meet your needs and maintain your health. You can find these items at many outdoor outfitters or camping stores, but you may find better prices and selection shopping for Combat One hygiene system supplies online.