Common questions about Combat One

  • What is Combat One used for?

    Field hygiene and Warrior protection.

  • Who is using Combat One now?

    Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, Navy SEAL’s, Air Force Para Rescue Teams, Marine Force Recon Teams.

  • Will it cause my Warrior to fail a urinalysis?

    No.  Combat One is total body safe, non-toxic, and approved by the International Anti-Doping Agency.

  • Why send this instead of baby wipes?

    Combat One is unlike any other product on the market.  Not only does it help our Warriors stay clean it also helps support the skin’s natural eco-system to keep it operating at its peak physical levels.  This keeps our Warfighters in optimum shape and aids in them completing their missions.

  • What is the shelf life of Combat One?

    Combat One has been tested to 2 years. We are currently testing to confirm longer term storage and effectiveness

  • What are the storage requirements for Combat One?

    The product has been tested to remain effective when stored above freezing temperatures and below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.