When we think of an athlete, we may conjure up images of those individuals who play on professional teams or who go on to compete at the Olympic Games. But the fact is that anyone can be an athlete, whether you play on a team in school or with coworkers on the weekends, or practice a solo sport like jogging, running, cycling, skiing, climbing, surfing, and so on. In fact, you can be an athlete even if you just head down to the gym and work out on a regular basis. Anyone who enjoys physical movement, and who puts in the time and effort to practice it, can be an athlete.

Whether they’re in training, pursuing weight loss or physical fitness goals, or playing sports because they love it, all athletes have things in common. While different sports or activities may require different sets of skills or different training regimens, all athletes rely on maintaining their physical well-being to continue training and participating in the sports and activities they love, and all athletes face some of the same challenges when it comes to keeping themselves in top form. That’s why all athletes learn various habits and tricks that can help keep them safe, fit, and ready to work or play.

Professional athletes have paid support teams of coaches, nutritionists, and even medical professionals who can help them to stay healthy in order to compete at the highest levels. But even without specialists in our corner, those of us who still love to be physically active, exercise, and compete can learn from the advice and examples of professional athletes to make our own fitness regimen safer and more effective.

Among the most important considerations for any athlete is personal hygiene management. A look at the hygiene habits of professional athletes shows that skin care is one of their top priorities, and the same should hold true of any other serious athlete, regardless of their chosen sport or their level of commitment. This is partly because the skin is the body’s first line of defense against infection and disease, but for athletes, the importance of the skin goes beyond even that. When exercising, we lose a lot of water through sweat. A proper skin care hygiene solution can help athletes to maintain their skin’s natural permeability barrier to avoid losing too much water from the skin and internal organs, and therefore help to maintain adequate hydration.

So what do serious athletes do to protect their skin that can also be done at home or on the field?

They Wash Their Hands. 

Athletes can’t afford to get sick, and studies have found that as much as 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch. Regular hand washing also helps keep equipment clean and ready-to-use.

They Wash Their Feet.

Because most athletes spend so much time on the move, they run an increased risk of developing foot-related infections. They do call it Athlete’s Foot, after all. Clean feet can stop such infections before they start.

open orange toiletry bag

They Don’t Share Personal Care Items.

Nobody wants to share their toothbrush, and for the athlete, the same goes for just about any other personal care item, from razors to brushes to deodorant to water bottles. Reducing the spread of germs means less likelihood of getting sick and more time in the game.

They Shower Immediately.

Directly following a game or workout, serious athletes always hit the showers. This keeps their skin clean and fresh, and helps promote good health all around.

 filing nails

They Trim Their Nails.

Maybe it goes without saying, but keeping nails trimmed is an important safety tip for many athletes. It not only avoids accidents, but it also helps forestall the spread of germs that can get caught under there.

Hand Being Bandaged After A Small Injury

They Cover Their Wounds.

An uncovered wound, no matter how minor, is an invitation for an infection. Covering wounds and scrapes is a simple way for athletes to defend against infection and disease. Because of the importance of healthy skin to an athlete, it’s also a good idea to get any and all skin injuries checked out by a doctor or other health professional, just to be safe.

combat one field sparyThey Use Healthy, Natural PH Products.

Skin is an athlete’s first line of defense against injury and illness, and a key factor in keeping skin healthy is maintaining its natural pH balance and the permeability barrier that helps prevent excess dehydration. Chemical cleaners can disrupt this balance and potentially do more harm than good, so serious athletes seek out hygiene solutions that help to build up their skin’s natural defenses.

Combat One offers a range of effective skin care and cleansing solutions that are easy to take with you to the gym, the field, or just out for a run. Besides cleaning and protecting your skin, Combat One helps to maintain your skin’s natural defense. Whether you need a simple spray or no-rinse outdoor body wipes, Combat One is an all-in-one skin care solution that can help you stay in peak shape, no matter what sport you play or what your fitness or athletic goals may be.

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