If Hollywood has anything to say about it, the zombie apocalypse is definitely on its way. Zombie-themed TV series like The Walking Dead, Z Nation, iZombie, and Fear the Walking Dead have all become essential viewing, while the hungry dead also swarm the movie theaters in films like 28 Weeks Later, World War Z, the seemingly never-ending Resident Evil series, and even more recent fare that takes the zombie film in slightly different directions such as Train to Busan or The Girl with All the Gifts.

One thing they all agree on: when the zombie apocalypse gets here, we all need to be ready. There are zombie survival guides and online stores where you can pick up survival kits and anti-zombie weapons. Even the CDC has gotten in on zombie apocalypse preparedness, releasing preparedness guides, posters, and even a graphic novella to help people get ready for the zombie apocalypse.

When flesh-eating zombies are battering down our doors, it may seem like personal hygiene could suddenly take a back seat to more pressing matters, but the fact is that personal hygiene management is just as important during a zombie apocalypse as it is the rest of the time—maybe more so!

In any emergency, good personal hygiene helps to keep you safe and in good shape to survive, and also provides an important defense against infection and disease. That last part may be especially important in a zombie apocalypse. We all know that if you get bitten by a zombie you turn into one, but there’s a good chance that you also run a risk of infection with cuts and abrasions. So, in any emergency, especially the walking dead kind, you should be conscious of your skin, keep cuts and other wounds covered until they heal, and wear plenty of protective clothing—this last part will also help keep those pesky zombie bites at bay.


open orange toiletry bag isolated on white background

When you’re assembling your zombie apocalypse survival kit, don’t forget personal hygiene solutions. In the event of a zombie outbreak, you may need to stay on the go, which means keeping everything you need to stay clean and healthy with you on the move, including:


  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss
  • Cotton bandannas or wash cloths
  • Absorbent pack towels
  • Toilet paper (kept in its own separate plastic bag)
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Alcohol gel-based hand sanitizer (which should NOT be used on the rest of the body)
  • Moist towelettes, baby wipes, or other no-rinse outdoor body wipes




Combat One personal hygiene solutions are perfect for keeping your skin clean, healthy, and protected on the go—whether that means on the battlefield, on the playing field, or in a zombie apocalypse. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers may kill germs, but they’re bad for your skin’s overall pH balance and total skin health, which is important when you’re trying to survive a zombie outbreak. The Combat One Tactical Bath is basically an entire bath contained in a 9.6-ounce pouch, so you can pack a lot of them into your survival kit. It is total-body safe, and requires no rinse. Just make sure to keep your crossbow nearby when you’re getting cleaned up. No one likes to get caught off-guard by zombies while they’re bathing.


Combat One hygiene system supplies are sold at many outdoor outfitters and even some big box stores like Walmart. However, you can often find the best prices and selection on these and other zombie survival essentials by shopping online.