One of the greatest threats we face in a survival situation is the risk of disease or infection. Since these dangers are invisible we should always seek to minimize our risk of exposure by simply avoiding places where they thrive, and to that end a list of the dirtiest, germiest locations would obviously be helpful. Unfortunately, it’s not as clear-cut as simply avoiding such-and-such city or such-and-such national park. The reality is that the five most potentially hostile places aren’t specific spots on a map, they’re generic environments where most people are liable to end up in a survival situation: on the streets; in campsites, abandoned buildings, or public parks; and on beaches.

The uncomfortable truth is that as soon as we leave the bubble of our home environment, our risk of getting sick skyrockets. In fact, we are surrounded by germs even before we step outside, with everything from the computer keyboard to doorknobs to our kitchen sink potential points of infection. This doesn’t pose a significant risk during our daily lives, however, because we have easy access to hot running water, soap, and all manner of household cleaners and disinfectants. Even in the event of a major catastrophe, our homes would obviously remain a safer, more sterile environment, but of course when worse comes to worst most people can’t count on being able to remain inside this bubble indefinitely.

The four varieties of germs that are most likely lead to problems in a survival scenario are bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa. These insidious pests can infect people, animals, and even plants, and from there they can make individuals terribly sick. As dangerous as they can be in general, these germs can become exponentially worse if they make the leap from our hands or clothes into our food or water supplies. If that happens all of one’s careful planning can be undone by a potentially deadly contamination.

Considering how serious a problem these germs can pose, it’s no wonder hygiene management is of paramount importance to survivalists and anyone else with a vested interest in staying safe and healthy in uncertain environments. In response to this crucial need, Combat One has developed a range of military grade all-purpose skin hygiene products.

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