In the past preppers were regarded as existing on the fringe, but in recent years the rest of the world has caught on to the obvious importance of prepping. As a result, the prepper market has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry, with products ranging from specialized clothing and weapons to lightweight camping and tactical gear to off-grid supplies, communications systems, and food items. Just as these supplies can be found in stores or online, so too is there a wealth of information on prepping available in books and magazines, dedicated websites and online forums, and even ongoing television series and documentaries on such mainstream networks as the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and National Geographic Channel.

With the huge volume of information and products floating around out there, it’s important not to get overwhelmed. Instead, familiarize yourself with the essentials, both in terms of what to have in your bug-out bag and how to use these items when the time comes. To that end, here are three of the most useful products that every prepper needs to have on-hand.

1. Water Filtration System and Refillable Bottle

Virtually all the experts agree on this, though which exact system to invest in is hotly debated. Fortunately, even big box stores like REI, Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela’s now carry a wide range of options, and of course there are even more products available online. Just keep in mind that while a self-contained bottle filtration system may be light and inexpensive, in the event of a real emergency, it is exponentially better to have a dedicated pump or gravity system that can filter to a far finer micron level.

2. Hygiene Solution

A hygiene solution product is one that many prepper resources overlook—they may suggest First Aid kits, soap, and hand sanitizer, but most of these personal hygiene kits fail to consider the fact that hot water may be hard to come by. A far better option would be the line of Combat One military grade all-purpose skin hygiene products, and especially their no rinse outdoor body wipes.

Cleanliness and sanitation are crucial for maintaining good health, and Combat One’s hygiene management system offers more benefits than anything else on the market: it not only sterilizes and eliminates body odor but also optimizes muscle function, balances skin pH, and reduces muscle cramping.

3. A Collapsible, Lightweight Fishing Pole

The third product that is indispensable to any prepper is a collapsible, lightweight fishing pole. Most regions have easy-to-find bodies of water, and with the proper equipment, fish can be the single easiest food source to secure while off the grid. Besides providing a substantial kick of protein, they are rich in healthy oils and can be caught year-round in even the most unexpected places.

These three products aren’t just a good addition to any prepper’s bug-out bag, they are all literal lifesavers. It’s worth keeping in that mind that while a number of different companies offer a variety of water filtration systems and collapsible fishing poles, Combat One by Avadim Technologies is the only military grade all-purpose skin hygiene product. No matter how brutal the conditions, Combat One Tactical Bath and Field Spray products offer proven protection. Shop online for Combat One.