Turkey hunting spans the year, but the fall season is in full swing, and you may just bag your Thanksgiving dinner while you are out hunting. You don’t want to get out to your spot and realize that you are missing essential hunting items. Combat One is here to help you make sure you have everything you need for a successful fall turkey hunting trip.

Our list only covers the essentials for a day-trip. If you are going to be out for longer than just a few hours, you will need additional items to stay safe, warm, and healthy.

1. Cell Phone

Always bring a cell phone on hunting trips. If there is an emergency, a cell phone is your best bet for getting the help you need in time. If you plan on being gone for a long time, we also recommend that you bring something with which you can charge your phone.

2. Hunting Paperwork

Since hunting turkeys requires a license, you will need to bring that license, as well as any other affiliated paperwork, including tags, with you on your trip.

3. Hunting Equipment

While this seems pretty obvious, don’t forget your weapon and ammunition. If you are bow hunting, don’t forget to bring your bow and plenty of arrows. For gun hunters, don’t forget to bring your gun and extra ammo. Nothing will ruin a hunting trip faster than the lack of a weapon or ammo.

Also, remember to follow your state’s regulations on weapons. There may be fines associated with using the wrong weapon during a certain time in the season. Double check state regulations before you plan your trip.

4. Decoys

Any good turkey hunter knows that using decoys makes things much easier. Combat One has two decoy recommendations for new hunters or seasoned hunters looking to replace old decoys.

First, we recommend Primos Gobstopper Jake and Hen Turkey Decoy Combo. This set weighs about five pounds, so they are easy to lug around while you set up your hunt. They even come with a carrying bag. Plus, the decoys are highly realistic looking, which means they work better.

Our second recommendation is Flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy, because it not only effective, but it is also very reasonably priced.

5. Calls

Turkey calls are very important tools for turkey hunters. Being able to draw turkeys closer to your hunting location makes for a much more enjoyable and successful hunting experience. While all hunters will have differing opinions on turkey calls, every hunter can agree that they are necessary for a turkey hunting excursion.

Primos turkey calls seem to be fan favorites. This company has many options that can work for any level of turkey hunter from novice to pro. Zink, Hunter’s Specialties, WoodHaven, and Lynch are all popular turkey call makers as well.

Many hunters advise bringing a couple of different turkey calls on your hunting trip. That way, if one doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect, you have another one to fall back on. Since turkey calls don’t take up much room, we recommend bringing at least two with you on your trip.

6. Water and Snacks

As with any hunting trip, you could be out waiting for a turkey for a long time. You will need water and snacks to get by without becoming hungry or dehydrated. We recommend bringing at least 16 ounces of water for a short hunting trip that lasts less than four hours.

As for food, bring small foods that contain protein and nutrients. Power bars are a favorite for some hunters, because they are easy to pack, but fill up a hungry belly.

If your hunting trip includes an overnight stay, you may want more substantial food. Remember that some food will require a fire, so plan for a fire, pot, and the food.

7. Camouflage Clothing

Turkeys aren’t blind, which means you need to blend in. Since fall tends to be very cold in some areas, we generally recommend wearing fleece pants and a jacket at the very least. Many hunters also like to wear camouflage tactical vests for easier access to their supplies. You can also get a camouflage hat and gloves.

For any trip longer than a day, be sure to pack more clothing items and pack for both mild and extreme weather. You will also need to pack a tent and sleeping bag for an overnight shelter.

8. Multitool

A multitool allows for you to fix almost any impromptu problem that may arise on your hunting trip. You won’t want to hit the woods without a tool that can help you cut, saw, screw, or twist your way out of almost any unforeseen situation. Make sure you find a multitool that at least includes pliers, a knife, clippers, and a screwdriver.

9. Personal Hygiene Products

Hunting is messy business—there is no way around it. Whether you are dirty from traipsing through mud or from holding up your prize turkey, you won’t want to stay that way for long. Combat One’s Tactical Bath Wipes can help you clean up dirt, blood, and sweat from your big hunt in no time, allowing you to stay clean while bagging your Thanksgiving turkey. Combat One Tactical Bath Wipes require no water, which makes them convenient for on-the-go moments like hunting.

This list is far from exhaustive, and it doesn’t account for hunting trips longer than a few hours. If you are going on a longer hunting trip, don’t forget to bring extra clothing, shelter, food, and water.

Combat One is proud to offer military grade personal hygiene products to hunters, campers, fishers, and outdoorsmen as well as military professionals. The water-less hygiene products are great for people who will get dirty on the go. Check out Combat One’s full line of products to keep yourself clean and sanitary on your next hunting trip.