It’s deer hunting season yet again, and that means that thousands of people will be heading out to find the buck with the best antlers. While every state has different hunting rules, and even different counties within a state can have different regulations on the number of deer you can bag, all hunters have the same goal: snag a deer.

As hunters get ready to head out to the woods to find a prize deer, they will need to pack a bag full of deer hunting essentials. Combat One has a list of the top items you need to have in your pack when you are out deer hunting this season. This list does not include the weapon or ammo you are using during your hunt or the license you had to obtain before being permitted to hunt deer, but instead, focuses on the essentials you need in addition to those items.

Safety Vest or Harness

One of the most important things you will need for your hunt is a safety harness or vest that allows you to climb to your tree stand safely. If you don’t pack a safety vest, you put yourself at serious risk for falling as you climb up to your stand.

In the name of safety, Combat One recommends that you don’t climb up to your stand if you forget a safety harness. Instead, either go get one or hunt from the ground. If you are hunting alone, it is especially important to put safety first and stay on the ground if you don’t have a safety harness.

Warm Camouflage Clothing

Deer season can get very cold, especially in areas with harsh winters. You will need to bring clothing that will keep you warm for hours while you are in your stand. Depending on where you are going hunting, an insulated coat and pants might be enough, while in other places you may also need thermal underwear, an insulated hat, a sweater, a face mask, a jacket, and a sweater.

If rain is in the forecast, bring a rain suit or rain jacket that will prevent you from getting wet. Once wet, you will lose body heat more quickly, so staying dry can be critical to preventing hypothermia. Since rain jackets don’t take up much room, there is no excuse for not having one in your pack.

Pack extra gloves and hats to make sure that you always have some that are dry. Sweat or rain can quickly soak through gloves and hats and being cold isn’t only miserable but also dangerous. You may even want to pack some hand warmers to help keep your hands and feet warm at the very least.


Packing a knife is crucial for field dressing the deer. Combat One recommends packing not one, but two knives and a sharpener. Having more than one knife and a knife sharpener might take up a little more room in your bag, but you can be sure that you won’t have a knife that is too dull to field dress the deer you just got.


Flashlights are great, but they require the use of one of your two hands. Instead of a flashlight, bring a headlamp. This way, you can see on your trek to your stand and track the blood trail if necessary. Plus, if you are trying to field dress the deer in the dark, you have a convenient illumination source. We recommend a headlamp that has a bright LED light and a dull red light. The LED light can help you during blood trailing, while the dull red light can prevent you from being spotted by a deer while walking in the area. Remember to bring extra batteries just in case.

Water and Snacks

You could be in your deer stand for the better part of day, so you are likely to get hungry and dehydrated if you forget to bring water and snacks. Pack power bars that provide energy and sustenance instead of sugary or salty snacks like candy bars and chips.

Use a plastic water bottle that doesn’t make a lot of noise. Cheap plastic bottles make a lot of noise that could easily startle deer out of your hunting area. Also, make sure that you choose a bottle that is different from your urine bottle, or you may make a mistake you regret.

Battery Pack

While you may not think you need any power while out hunting, you may be surprised at how fast your cell phone battery drains when you are waiting to spot a deer. Bring some kind of powering device for your cell phone just in case you need to make an emergency call while you are in the woods.

You can also use battery packs for other purposes such as keeping warm or charging camera gear you have out there with you. No matter what you use it for, you will be glad you decided to throw a battery pack or mobile power station in your hunting pack.

Personal Hygiene Supplies

Hunting is a messy business, but Combat One is here to help. Don’t get elbow deep in a deer before you realize that you didn’t bring anything to clean up with or a set of field-dressing gloves. Bring along a package of Combat One Tactical Bath Wipes to remove any blood or dirt from your body post kill.

You can also use Combat One to wipe down if you get hot and sweaty while bundled up in your stand.

Combat One Tactical Bath Wipes, Field Spray, and Field Foam products all help remove scent as well. If you don’t have a scent eliminating spray in your pack, Combat One’s products can pull double duty for you. Spray yourself down before walking through the woods to prevent spooking the deer that may come into the area.

If you are preparing for a hunting trip this deer season, check out Combat One’s full line of products to make sure you stay clean and fresh. Stay safe, warm, and clean this deer hunting season with all the items you need to have the best hunting experience possible.